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Innovative Paint Technology Wins Award

The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Sherwin-Williams' new paint formulation. The company's innovative new paint formulation, utilizing soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles, substantially reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by incorporating simple ingredients like soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles into a first of its kind paint formula.

This is an environmental triumph for consumers and the environment.  New eco-friendly paint formulas have eliminated 800,000 pounds of VOCs, according to the company. New formulation utilizing soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles reduces VOCs by 60 percent. 

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Save Our Trees

Apply Common Sense to Forestry

Environmental and social considerations should be an integral component of operating philosophy. 

Responsible forestry is practiced with the following in mind:

  • On a daily basis, a forest plantation captures the CO2 emitted by 15,000 cars.
  • A forest plantation provides jobs for 250 workers, some in traditionally low-income areas.
  • A forest plantation plants on an average more than 3,300,000 trees and growing.
  • Renewable wood products store carbon, permanently removing it from the atmosphere.