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The Home Staging Falsehood

With a lofty claim: "The goal of staging is to make a home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers", many real estate agents, particularly in recent years, engage the services of a home-stager.  But status aside, the facts point to another element- the stager is not an interior designer, and majority are not decorators either; for they are furniture-placers of stocked pieces, frequently unsuitable and improperly-scaled for the home. To 'outfit' all properties, stagers keep modern style inventory and in off-white color.

A prominent Beverly Hills realtor told me that the majority of high-end buyers do not buy the 'staged' furnishings. So I question the need of a buyer in the process of assessing a multi-million dollar acquisition to see a pair of sofas and coffee table by the fireplace. Would this buyer, who’s surely armed with prior experience in posh homes, cough-up millions just because of this visual aid?

...the majority of high-end buyers do not buy the ‘staged’ furnishings

Some buyers are induced to buy the furnishings by the seller because 'it's already here' and 'interior designer will charge you so much more", and 'it'll save you months of waiting for a designer to furnish the home'. All 3 statements are manipulative, and without foundation in the truth!

Walking through the property with a highly-skilled interior designer/decorator who also possesses architectural and landscaping skills is the preferred alternative.  Demystifying any dilemmas buyers could have, the designer paints vivid ideas in the buyer's mind with the aid of photos of properly selected designs and decor solutions. While strolling through the property, the designer also answers questions, solves and overcomes obstacles and challenges presented by the buyer, services stager isn't capable of providing. This property tour is exceedingly better for the buyer to properly assess the purchase than the misfitted furnishings. Further, when costs and timeline to execute project are provided by the designer, it's quite: "Elementary, my dear Watson!" Sherlock Holmes would say.