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Many landscaping designers believe the best type of lights to use for any outdoor area is LED landscaping lights. While many know about the benefits of these lights, not as many know the different types of LED lights.

LED landscape lights work well with motion sensor mechanisms. These types of lights are very useful for security though a falling tree branch or pets will turn the lights on. There are also digitally connected LED lights that will change colors every minute, or hour. And they can be programmed to dim and fade as well!

LED lights use energy efficiently. Compared to other light bulbs they give same or better type of glow and illumination, with much lower electrical consumption and replacement bulb cost. Example: while regular bulbs have 1000 hours of life, at best, LED has 50,000 hours of life. Or to put it in perspective, if you leave lights on for 8 hours a day, every day, you will need to replace bulb after 11 years!

Landscaping designers prefer then LED lights because of price as they are often cheaper than regular lights and low-to-no maintenance.