Beverly Hills Interiors

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Space Planning- While our fellow architects divide interior spaces to suit their sense of symmetry, interior designers design from the inside-out; we place abstract furnishings in the space and build walls around them, maintaining logical and aesthetical flow, integrating artwork, and capturing views with harmonious blend of the exterior and interior areas.

Design Consultation- Everything begins in planning and analysis. Keeping in the forefront of our mind the use and needs quickly leads to the Ultimate Solution!

Custom Furnishings- When ready-made, standard production off-the-showroom floor furnishings will not do, and your space and requirements call for that extraordinary, show-stopper piece, its designed and made just for you.  

Antiques- Clever acquisitions of period, authentic and certified pieces of history to enhance any space, to anchor a room, to give it dignity and a sense of stability, to elevate all other furnishings in the room a step higher. 

Lighting Design- The element that brings interior architecture, interior design and decoration into glory and celebration, or causes its failure, if not done properly.   

Global Resourcing- We have spent years traveling the globe in search of the perfect fabrics, embossed leathers, exquisite carpets, raw materials and furnishings that make the ordinary- unique. This, and close relationships with vendors reduce ordering time by weeks, save money and contribute to having exclusive interiors.  

Attentive and Loyal Service- While some interior designers have been downgraded to  furniture merchants, our philosophy of service is to keep the client aware, and at all times, of what has been done, what will be done and when it shall be done.  Struggle, if we must, to obtain quicker shipments from vendors, and faster installation by trades’ people.  Personal supervision and attention to challenges arising during the project, and handling delays, breakage or wrong items received, and the like; the ability to deal with it all, fast and effectively is of paramount importance to us. 

Yacht & Jet Plane Interiors- After you have built the perfect home, the luxury vessel is an extension of your favourite house. We draw inspiration from our clients’ homes when it is time to design a jet plane or a yacht. These vessels receive a touch of extravagance aimed to captivate the fantasy their owners wish for and expect.

“Instant Decorating” Service- When the property is architecturally perfect, or when its historical integrity is not to be compromised with remodeling, we provide an incredibly fast service of furnishings, window treatments, art and accessories, and arrange for their delivery and installation- often under 3 weeks, though recent installations were done on the same day we were engaged on the project!